Nemo’s a great little cairn terrier.  I often walk him; he’s also my neighbor, so he’ll stay with me while his “parents” are away.  He’s got his own toys, treats–and even his own pillow–so I think (hope) that he thinks of this is his second home.


Nemo does like to sleep upside down! In fact, it became a standing joke with one of the guys in my building who knows him–we’d say, “Okay Nemo, just take your time waking up!”

To reinforce that many animals get the same illnesses as humans, Nemo had Lyme Disease this summer.  He and his parents were in an area where Lyme Disease normally doesn’t exist, but “there was one tick carryng the disease and it bit him,” said parent Kris.  A very astute and aware vet picked up on it right away and a blood test confirmed the diagnosis.   Nemo’s absolutely fine, but there were a couple of weeks of intense pain and a lot of medications, including anti-inflammatories, pain killers and antibiotics.


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