Spring Cleaning: For Your Home, Garage, Yard–and PET

Keep your pet healthy and happy all year round. Put all toxic substances, like anti-freeze and garden chemicals, fully out of reach.

Happy Springtime!  This is when we clean out our homes, garages and yards–but let’s not forget our furry friends.  Many items are toxic and should be placed out of reach.

If you’re really not certain if an item is poisonous or not, err on the side of caution–and put it out of reach anyway.  As always, discuss any questions or concerns with a veterinarian.

Here are some places you’ll want to check, to be sure items are out of the reach of your pet:

  • Garage:  Dogs love the sweet taste of anti-freeze, but it’s extremely toxic.  Put that, and any automotive products out of reach
  • Laundry, utility room, pantry:  Pesticides, extermination fluid, some types of glue
  • Garden: Fertilizers, weed and snail killers, herbicides and chemicals

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