How To Travel Stresslessly With Your Pet


Traveling with my pet always caused a lot of stress and worry–for me, but probably also for my dog.  I’d always worry about air travel, asking myself things like “Can he be in the cabin with me?” “If he has to go into cargo, will he get out, like we hear on so many of those awful news stories?”  or even “Will he be traumatized in a new, different atmosphere without me?”

I’d worry about the car–“but he has no seat belts!”

Even a trip across town was an exercise in frustration because, even though I have  good arm strength, those carriers can be pretty bulky and heavy–and my muscles would inevitably start shaking with fatigue.

So after a particularly grueling experience, I was discussing this problem with a friend, another pet lover.  She told me about this great carrier.  It’s really changed my life (well, that part of it anyway.) I want to be sure that I want to share with all of you.  It’s called SturdiBag and it’s ultra light (but durable) and is the preferred carrier by a lot of airlines (both domestic and international). It’s also kind of soft and cozy inside, so if he has to go into cargo, I know he’s feeling as comfortable and secure as he could in that situation.

Most important, it has those all-important safety straps for car travel. So check it out, I paid about $90 for mine and was able to find it in one of the local pet stores.



Irene Ross, CHHC, AADP is a NYC-based, certified nutrition and wellness coach for the 2-legged. She works with people to help them alter their unhealthy habits, so they avoid that mid-morning or afternoon slump, get more done in less time and balance their lives.

Author of the forthcoming book, 25 Ways To Fire Up Your Day:  Increase Energy, Get More Done in Less Time, Balance Your Life,  her website is:

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