Bravo and well said!! I remember when I was a kid, my parents NEVER washed the dog’s bowl (yuk) because they just didn’t think it was necessary. But, more and more, people need to realize that pets–all cats and dogs–are prone to many, many of the same things we are–and that includes bacteria piling up on a dirty bowl. (I even tell people to be sure the dishwasher door is closed tightly, since pets will try to reach and rummage for food–on an unwashed plate!

All Pets Allowed

Imagine eating off of the same plate day after day without washing it.  Is that what you’re asking your pet to do?  I know I don’t wash my cats’ bowls as much as I should but I do try to wash them.

It’s good to wash your pet’s food bowls for their health and your health.  Harmfull bacteria could multiply on food left in the bowls and the bacteria can be bad for your pet.  You could potentially swallow this bacteria if you touch the bowls and then eat without washing your hands.

Part of the reason they recall pet foods is because Salmonella poses a risk to the humans feeding the food.  And the couple pet food recall notices that I looked at did mention that people handling the food should be sure to wash their hands after feeding their animals.  It’s probably a good idea in general…

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